Jacque Price  -  The Artist 


Jacque had a near death experience in a car accident at age 16.

She woke up in a coma and couldn't walk, talk, eat, read, or write anymore.

Despite the odds, she made a full recovery after 1 year of intense therapy.

Her first love had always been painting, even as a child.

So she applied to art school, and got in!


Jacque felt guilty pursuing art when she could be a therapist and help others like herself.

So she gave up art to study neuropsychology.

After 2 years her school counselor told her she needed too much therapy to be a therapist.

So she dropped out.

She felt like damaged goods that was of no use to anyone.


She moved to Santa Barbara and started painting again just to feel better.

4 years later she graduated with a Studio Painting degree from Chico State.

Her parents didn't think she could find a good job and support herself with studio art.


So she agreed.

And Jacque went in search of the 'sensible' life she was meant to live. 



Jacquelyne started pursuing Naturopathy, and eventually went back to school. 


She apprenticed under her grandmother for 7 years.


And she built a practice in Holistic Health & Hypnotherapy. ​


She traveled, taught seminars, saw clients regularly, and her grandmother was very proud.

She loved seeing people's lives improve, and wondered why hers felt so unfulfilling.



Jacque's dissatisfaction with life led to extreme panic attacks and health issues that made it hard to do anything. 

So she stopped seeing clients and spent a year healing.

She ate clean, exercised regularly, managed stress with meditation, and traveled to beautiful places to relax.


 She tried starting over in Hawaii, but that didn't last.


Feeling lost and like giving up, Jacque moved in with  her parents, got a job at a bar, and painted to feel better.

It seemed she wasn't meant to be a success in life.



Jacque decided it was all a blessing in disguise.


She chose to use the few months at home to ground, pay off debt, heal family relationships, and give her body more rest.

This was the best choice she ever made.

And in time Jacque healed her body, reduced anxiety in a big way, and started feeling alive again.

That's when she realized it was silly to limit her potential.



She was surrounded by family that loved and supported her.

She was painting every day after work.

She was the healthiest she had been in years.

And she had art shows just for fun. 

The community was very encouraging of her art.


Jacque quit working at the bar and started making art full time.

She found herself selling her paintings at art shows and fairs, and being shown in galleries and  shops.​

And she moved to Lake Tahoe, the place she would often visit to relax.

She paints with non-toxic materials in oil on canvas at her home studio.


She teaches painting classes and organizes art retreats.


Jacque is passionate about supporting young artists to live their dreams. 

Now Jacque is thriving.