Jacquelyne Price  -  The Artist 




Jacquelyne abandoned painting for the majority of 10 years after art school.

She was told artists don't make enough money to survive.

So she tried to find a life for herself doing something else.



Jacquelyne was very unsettled without her art.


She moved over 10  times in those 10 years to new cities in search of the 'sensible' life she was meant to live. 


She couldn't find it anywhere.




Jacquelyne started pursuing Naturopathy, and went back to school. 


She apprenticed under her grandmother for 7 years and began building her practice in Holistic Health. 

She traveled, taught seminars, saw clients in different cities, and her grandmother was very proud.

She thought this was the life she was meant to live.

Yet, Jacquelyne couldn't figure out why her work was so unfulfilling and why her health was suffering..


Jacquelyne traveled to Indonesia for a reset, but was confronted by a deep rooted anger and sadness. 


She felt lost.  


She needed a BIG change.

She took a break from her practice and moved to Hawaii to start a new life. 




She felt obligated to start seeing clients again to make enough money because it was what she knew. 


So she did. 


But then she developed anxiety and depression, not to mention... island fever.

She didn't know where to go.



Jacquelyne realized it was time to ground, heal family relationships, and start living her personal legend. 


But how?


Jacquelyne could only think of the mountains in Northern California and that fresh mountain air. 


Jacquelyne went back to her hometown in Placerville, California.

She was surrounded by family that loved her and supported her.

Family she had avoided for most of the 16 years she had been away.

And, she began painting again to feel better while bar tending to get by.

The community was very encouraging of her art.


Jacquelyne found herself painting and making art every day and selling it.

She let go of her side hustles and started making art full time.

She felt much better. 


Anxiety and depression became manageable and started fading away.

She paints in oil on canvas in her home studio.

She teaches painting classes.

And she moved to North Lake Tahoe where she has dreamt to live for far too long...


Now Jacque is thriving.