BEE KIND - an effort to support sustainability, the bee population, and organic farming


I am committed to support saving the bees and advocating for organic and sustainable farming.



The Earth is our home, our sanctuary, and our kitchen. With each harvest up until now we see the earth's soil more depleted around the globe, and less bees. One in every three bites of food requires a pollinator.  Without  enough nutrients in our soil, pollinators pollinating, and sustainable practices replenishing our supply, there will be nothing left for future generations, let alone ourselves in as little as 60 years according to the UN. Something needs to change.


Ever since I was a child I loved bees. They would land on my hand and I always felt a connection. When I found out they needed our help as much as we need theirs, I decided to give a percentage of all sales to the best bee charity I could find! Not only is this charity producing more resilient colonies of bees, they are supporting underprivileged communities with sustainable gardens to help end hunger.

The Honey Bee Conservancy is effectively supporting our pollinators and sustainable farming in many ways! So, this is my chosen charity where a percentage of all sales go. If this speaks to you too, take a look at their website for more information, to sponsor a hive, or donate directly!

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